Porter County School Readiness

Preparing Children for Success


Thanks to ArcelorMittal's support, United Way of Porter County and its partners have been able to expand kindergarten readiness programs to meet need and lay the groundwork for a universal assessment process to evaluate the early childhood learning landscape in Porter County.

Program expansion includes increasing the number of students helped by the United Way of Porter County Kinder Camp program and Parents as Teachers in-school program, Ready, Set, Kindergarten (RSK). Both programs are STEAM-curriculum programs designed to provide children with a positive learning and skills development experience prior to attending kindergarten. Approximately 500 students are helped every year.

Read more about where we started and why STEAM is so important.

Assessment Process

The universal assessment intiative evaluates pre-k programs of various size and duration, programs currently being assessed include United Way Kinder Camp, Parents as Teachers, Hilltop Neighborhood House and Duneland YMCA. Assessment process was developed in conjunction with the partners and Porter County school corporations and Purdue University Northwest. Here is a sample of the assessments these organizations will be utilizing.

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We are looking for other providers to join us in this effort to look at the early childhood learning landscape as a whole. To learn more and join the effort, contact Rebecca Weber at rebecca@unitedwaypc.org.