COVID-19 Economic Relief Initiative Grant

Supported by Lilly Endowment, Inc. & Indiana United Ways

Porter County Social Services Grant Program

This $1 million grant program is to alleviate Porter County resident economic crises caused by COVID-19 pandemic. This program is designed to fill the gap for individuals who cannot be assisted by other community financial assistance programs.

WHO CAN APPLY: Any 501(c)3 or equivalent organization that is currently servicing Porter County residents with an existing program that fulfills all or a portion of the following requirements. If the program only meets a portion of the requirements, it must be able to show how the program will be adjusted to meet all requirements.


  • Monthly Rent and Mortgage Payments
  • Utilities Payments & Major House Repairs
  • Transportation Payment Costs or Repair
  • Food Assistance


  • Must be an existing 501(c)3 or equivalent community program.
  • Program must assist with at least one assistance category noted above or can provide assistance in more than one category.
  • Funding available for both operational support and client needs. If requesting operation support, must be for direct client interactions and clients must meet all requirements noted under client assistance criteria.
  • Case management and tracking:
    • Must have casework management and program number tracking capabilities.
    • Required to implement Charity Tracker online software platform to track client services and make referrals.
  • Must have or incorporate a client financial education component. It can be provided through partnerships with other organizations. Client participation is at the discretion of the grantee.
  • Program category qualifiers:
    • Food assistance encompasses food distribution and/or hot meal preparation & delivery.
    • Housing covers monthly rent or mortgage costs.
    • Major home repairs allowable are those that provide remediation of negative health and safety issues for the residents, such as water damage repair, HVAC, sump pump and/or water heater repair, etc.
    • Transportation covers personal and public ways to commute between home and work. Expenses covered include bus tokens, vehicle repair and/or monthly payments.
    • Utilities cover electric, water, sewage, gas provided by the city or other utility providers.
  • Clients can be assisted in more than one category at the discretion of the grantee.
  • Payments are not made directly to the client, but on behalf of the client to the landlord, utility company, loan institutions, repair contractors, etc.
  • Additional client assistance qualifications and program reporting requirements here.
  • Abide by all program guidelines, directions and timelines.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: Friday, July 10 at noon

If you have questions, email