United Against Opioid Abuse

Change is possible 

The United Against Opioid Abuse Initiative was a three-year program in ten Indiana counties that leverages AmeriCorps members in the fight against the opioid crisis. The overall goal is to better understand the issues facing addicts and their families, the resources available to them, and how to engage the community in the solution.

United Way of Porter County is investing in the Initiative because we have seen a rise in opioid abuse and fatalities and the impact they have on our community. Opioids are highly addictive substances derived from opium, including morphine, heroin and prescription pain medication. 

Indiana is currently ranked 13th in the nation for drug overdose deaths. In 2017 alone, 1,852 Hoosiers died from a drug overdose, compared to 1,526 drug overdose deaths in 2016. From January 1st to September 30th 2018, Porter County experienced 32 drug-related deaths, with 21 being opiate-related, 12 of which involved heroin.

Together, we can spread understanding of the opioid crisis and find a solution. For more information and to take part, email Marek Wojtala at marek@unitedwaypc.org, or 219-464-3583, ext. 111. 

Our Work

We work with community partners, coalitions and stakeholders to gather data, map existing resources and services, identify service gaps and create long-term collaborations to address the crisis.

We have developed a partnership with the Northwest Indiana Information Sharing & Security Alliance (NIISSA) to launch the United Against Opioid Abuse work to the regional level.

The newly-formed regional Opioid Workgroup focuses on finding regional solutions to combat the opioid crisis. This grassroots effort will catalog existing resources, identify service gaps and utilize a disaster-response approach to develop solutions to the crisis. 

Our Findings

Educational Materials