"We tried...,but it was still not enough...."

Saving the Smith Family Christmas

At Christmas time any family can feel the burden of financial stress. However, for the Smiths, this was a feeling that their family feared constantly and it was only more burdensome at Christmastime.

In the fall, Mr. Smith was laid off about a week before their fourth child was due, and, to make matters worse they recently learned they would lose their home around Christmas. A dark cloud of fear came over the household as to how to provide for their four children in the coming months.

“We tried to borrow from family and take out loans, but it was still not enough for us to stay afloat. That’s when we started to explore community resources for assistance. We went to the trustee’s office for rent assistance and they informed us that the Salvation Army offered assistance as well,” stated Mrs. Smith.

The family found additional financial assistance through Salvation Army’s emergency assistance program, supported by United Way of Porter County.

“Now, we were able to stay in our home and not worry where our children will live.” And, thanks to the Salvation Army Christmas Adopt-a-Family program, the Smith children will receive Christmas gifts this year as well.

“They have been a wonderful help to getting us back on our feet. My children will not go without a home or Christmas this year,” said Mrs. Smith. “We are grateful there are people in the world that still care about others. We’ve learned to plan for unexpected emergencies and save for them, even if, it’s only a small amount at a time.”

Through Salvation Army programs the Smiths are learning the importance of budgeting for the expected and unexpected.

More than 20,000 residents, like the Smiths, are receiving the emergency assistance they need, thanks to donations to the United Way Network. Donate today!

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