"Challenge Accepted"

Robin's Story

Robin is a student by day, and the house manager at Gabriel’s Horn homeless shelter by night. She has dealt with some difficult situations in her life, but she continues to overcome all obstacles. Now she uses her time to give back to women in need in Porter County.

After living in an abusive marriage for 36 years, Robin decided to leave and start a new life. She found a new home at Gabriel’s Horn, a shelter for women and children who have dealt with extreme adversity. She lived there for five months and was able to get back on her feet, until she was diagnosed with cancer.

Even after the diagnosis, giving up was not an option for Robin. With her faith and her motto of “challenge accepted” as her motivation, she defeated cancer and returned to Gabriel’s Horn as a caregiver. “You can get a lot of amazing things out of bad experiences,” she said. “Because I went through all of this, I became a better human being.”

Now, Robin spends her days at Ivy Tech, where she is an A student studying to become a pharmacy technician. In the evenings, she goes back to Gabriel’s Horn to manage the house and help the women who are in the same situation that she overcame. “When they get in here, hell has been happening in their lives,” Robin said.

Despite the difficult circumstances, Gabriel’s Horn feels more like a home than a shelter under Robin’s watch. There are only five bedrooms in the house, so Robin is able to work closely with every woman who moves in. After six months they move out, and Robin makes it her goal that every woman is prepared to go back out into the world. “I know that when a woman walks out that door and she is prepared, I had a part in that,” she said.

Robin and all of the women at Gabriel’s Horn are examples that life is not defined by its lowest points. She was able to start a new chapter in her life at Gabriel’s Horn, and now thanks to her hard work, many more women will be able to experience the same success. “We all are given gifts as human beings,” she said. “Sometimes it just takes us a while to find it."

For more information on Gabriel's Horn, visit their website.

To see Robin in the 2016 UWPC campaign video, visit our YouTube channel.

Special thanks to Drew Gedrys, Kari Gourley, Jackson Sheputis, Madison Soliday, Gavin Twigg, and Eric Villasenor for collaborating with UWPC and collecting and writing this story.

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