"A Winning Team"

Louie's Story

"Louis Sobecki, RSVP Volunteer & Station Manager, is affectionately known as “Louie” to the volunteers at Sacred Heart Food Pantry, where he has been volunteering for over three years. When we open the doors to serve the people in his community, volunteers start to pour in and set up around us. Their energy and excitement fills the air inside as hungry people gather outside. Last year, one day after everyone was served and the doors had closed, a man arrived. He was hungry, and wondered if it was too late to get some help. Louie made a decision—he asked the volunteers to open the door. He said, with a lump in his throat, “I never want to see anyone walking away in need.” A Vietnam veteran who was laid off from the steel mill in the 1980s, Louie truly understands what it’s like to be without a job and in need, due to no fault of his own. When Louie says he fights for the underdog, it’s not just words. It’s about action. He says, “Giving back is important to me because my parents instilled values in me and my siblings.” Louie views his role as Station Manager as simply “being there” to unlock the doors in the morning and coordinate the food trucks. He says of the volunteers who work alongside him: “They’re a ‘Winning Team.’ I couldn’t do this without them.”

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