Stepping Stones

George's Story

Porter County resident George knew he needed help recovering from his alcohol addiction. He willingly went to the Moraine House, a Valparaiso halfway house for people recovering from chemical dependencies, in order to better his life for himself, his wife Lucinda, and their children.

George stayed at the Moraine House for 180 days, during which he received counseling, detox, and a feeling of inner peace. The Moraine House is a “stepping stone” in the path to get right, he said. The home-like atmosphere supports residents in their journey through the 12-step sobreity program. Thanks to the constant love and support George received from his fellow residents and family, he is now able to live the life that he and his family deserve.

In addition to successfully completing the program, George had the opportunity to become assistant director at the House, next to the Director Kevin. George was responsible for helping residents stay punctual as well as leading the morning meditation. The job acted as a spring board for life after his time at the house.

George says, “Thank you to everyone at the Moraine House as well as my wife Lucinda and kids for their constant support and love through this process. Without the help of United Way providing this opportunity to share my story, I would have not been able to help those who are recovering from the same issues.”

For more information about the Moraine House, visit their website.

Special thanks to Riley Dent, Ryan Fazekas, Daniel Langston, Kristina Kostides, and Matt Vargo for collaborating with UWPC and collecting and writing this story.

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