Need Help Financing A College Education Or Paying Off Student Loans?

Everybody knows that college is expensive. Explore the links below to learn about options for financing your education. Don't let the cost of college stop you from attending your dream school! 


As an AmeriCorps member, you’ll gain new skills and experiences—and you’ll also find the tremendous satisfaction that comes from helping others. In addition, full-time members who complete their service earn a Segal AmeriCorps Education Award to pay for college, graduate school or to pay back qualified student loans. Members who serve part-time receive a partial award. Some AmeriCorps members may also receive a modest living allowance during their term of service.

Scholarship Search (and Motivation!) 

Help your teen get their finances off to a good start. They will learn how to look for scholarships, giving the motivation needed to search for scholarships. 


FAFSA Fridays in Porter County 

Check out options for free FAFSA filing assistance! Get expert advice from local school financial aid counselors. Submitting your FAFSA can make a big difference when it comes to financing your education. 


Free Tax Preparation Services and Resources

Find information about free tax preparation and additional tax resources. 

Repay Student Debt: Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Excellent tool that provides information and advice for paying off student loans based on your personal situation. 

Private Student Loan Repayment 

Private student loans are often stricter than federal student loans. Check out options for repayment. 


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