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Giving to United Way of
Porter County

I "Live United" because an investment in United Way is an investment in our community!

The collective strength of United Way donors is a powerful force for lasting social change in our community!

United Way represents more than just "numbers served". United Way represents LIVES CHANGED!

I am so happy to be a part of that positive change in Porter County!

Kaye Frataccia, Retired Teacher for Valparaiso Community Schools and Past Board President of United Way of Porter County


Why Give

United Way of Porter County is at the forefront of making an impact in areas that need it the most.

Education: Helping children and youth achieve their potential

Health: Improving people’s physical and mental health

Financial Stability: Promoting economic independence for seniors, people with disabilities, and families facing crisis

United Way assures the availability of an entire network of human services.

For example: A homeless family needs a roof over their head, food and clothing. If you give directly to your favorite agency, you can make this happen. But what if this family also needs job training, skill development, day care, and counseling to leave the shelter? Unfortunately, sometimes, no one agency can be the sole provider of services. By giving to United Way, you can support many programs and help this family get back on their feet.

Through United Way, we have the power to make a real impact in our community. Our families, friends and neighbors need your help now, more than ever. By LIVING UNITED, we CAN and WILL improve the quality of life in Porter County. It just takes a little from ALL of us.

Every dollar donated has a powerful impact in Porter County:

  • $2/Week=provides 4 days of shelter for a homeless person
  • $5/Week=provides 1 month of utilities for a family in economic crisis
  • $10/Week=provides 2 daily meals for a homebound senior for 4 months
  • $20/Week=provides 6 months of quality child care for lower-income working parents

How to Give

Thank you for choosing to care for your community through a contribution to United Way of Porter County!

United Way of Porter County has been a valued community partner since it was founded in 1957. Collaborating with local businesses, schools, government, and other non-profits to solve pressing social service issues, United Way invests donors' contributions in programs, services and initiatives that make life better in Porter County.

Most people choose to give through payroll deduction through their workforce campaigns, but there are many options for donating to your community through United Way of Porter County.

To donate via check, send your contribution to:
United Way of Porter County
951 Eastport Centre Drive
Valparaiso, Indiana 46383

To donate a gift of stock, please contact:
Dawn Thostesen, Chief Financial Officer, at 219-464-3583, ext. 102 or by email at

To create a lasting legacy by making a gift to United Way of Porter County’s Endowment Fund held by the Porter County Community Foundation or to discuss planned giving options, please contact:
Kim Olesker, President, at 219.464.3583, ext. 101 or by email at

To donate via credit card, click here.

Planned Giving

With a planned gift to United Way of Porter County, you can sustain your caring beyond your lifetime. Carefully planned charitable gifts may help you achieve personal planning priorities in ways you might not have thought possible.

Giving Options:

  • Bequests – Naming United Way in your will is one of the easiest ways to make a lasting expression of your charitable concerns. A bequest can be in the form of a dollar amount, property or a percentage of the estate.
  • Charitable Remainder Trusts – Place assets in a trust and the earnings are paid as income to you and your beneficiaries. Upon the death of the last beneficiary, the principal goes to United Way.
  • Charitable Lead Trusts – Place assets in a trust for a specified period of time. Earnings go to United Way during the life of the trust. The principal goes to your beneficiaries when the trust terminates.
  • Life Insurance – Name United Way as the beneficiary or donate a paid-up policy to United Way.
  • Retirement Plans – Name United Way as the beneficiary of a portion of your retirement plans.

If you would like more information about the benefits of planned giving, we recommend that you consult your professional financial advisor and/or attorney. United Way of Porter County will work with you and your advisor to ensure that your gift maximizes its potential not just for the community, but also for you and your family.

Contact Kim Olesker, President & CEO, for more information at 219.464.3583, ext. 101.

Please remember United Way in your will.

Leadership Giving - United Way Feather Society

Porter County’s quality of life lies with people who care and with those leaders with vision, tenacity and ability to help others in need. One testimonial of your leadership is becoming a member of United Way’s Feather Society.

In the 1930's, the Red Feather Society, was widely recognized as a symbol of the Community Chest, which was the forerunner of the United Way system. This cherished symbol carries the same meaning today as it did then - it represents community involvement and generous contributions to uplift lives in our community. This unique program is comprised of influential community representatives serving as a voice of human compassion.

Leadership giving is a program by which concerned citizens personally support, through major gifts, the ever-increasing need for health and human services funded by the United Way. Those who belong to the Feather Society serve as an example for all to recognize and emulate.

We invite you to join together with fellow leaders by becoming a member of United Way’s Feather Society with an annual gift of $500 to $9,999. Contributions of $10,000 and more entitle you to national recognition as an Alexis De Tocqueville member.

United Way’s Leadership Giving & Recognition Levels

  • $10,000 + - National Alexis De Tocqueville Society Member
  • $5,000-9,999 - Gold Feather Member
  • $1,000-4,999 - Silver Feather Member
  • $500-999 - Red Feather Member

Workplace Campaigns

Represent the United Way of Porter County as an Employee Campaign Manager

Fundraising campaigns conducted within the workplace are the primary way which United Way of Porter County raises the resources to improve the quality of life in our community. By allowing employees to donate through payroll deduction through a workplace campaign, organizations enable their employees to contribute in a convenient way and make an even greater impact on our community.

Conducting a campaign is easy and fun! Workforce campaigns are planned with the help of a United Way staff member or a Loaned Executive from a sponsoring company.

1st Step in Holding a Workplace Campaign

Appoint an employee who will serve as an Employee Campaign Manager (ECM). The ECM will provide leadership within your organization and engage co-workers in creating a stronger, healthier community.

Steps to a Successful Campaign for ECM’s

  1. Become an informed volunteer and get to know your United Way.
  2. Get help – Don’t fly solo. CEO endorsements and participation from upper management is essential.
  3. It’s all material. Brochures, pledge forms, reporting envelopes, posters, etc are all provided.
  4. Making the ask – Short face to face presentations with a personal touch is the most effective way.
  5. Increase participation by implementing ‘best practices’. “Fun-raisers” like chili cook-offs can increase your company contributions, and make it fun for your employees.
  6. Set and achieve goals.
  7. Appreciate, recognize, thank and reward your employees who donated.
  8. Report results to United Way.
  9. Celebrate for a job well done!

If you or your company would like information about how to get involved in our annual campaign, please contact Kasie Tenbarge, Director of Development at 219.464.3583 ext. 103 or