Free Prescription Discounts

There are a variety of prescription programs available to you. Here are two programs that offer the opportunity to receive up to 85% discount on everyday prescriptions.

Programs are available to:

  • Anyone who does not currently have health insurance
  • Anyone who does not have prescription coverage
  • Anyone who is purchasing a medication not covered by their insurance

Use the online comparison tool to get discount coupons on a variety of prescriptions at a variety of pharmacy locations.

When you use your coupon at the pharmacy and they return it to, we'll receive at least a 15% donation of the savings. In June and July 2020, that donation amount will be 100% of the total saved.


FamilyWize prescription discount cards can reduce prescription drug costs by an average of 40%. Get a digital card by downloading their app or requesting one online. 

Use their drug price comparison tool to the right to get started.

Many medications are available in generic as well as brand names. Make sure to show the pharmacist your card every time.