FAFSA Fridays 

Time to file your FAFSA for college? We can help. And, it's free!


FAFSA Fridays has now ended for the season. Please contact your college or university wth any further questions. 

Make sure to bring:

  • Parent/guardians’ and student's most recent tax forms (1040) and W2 information (this means 2017 taxes, not taxes you just filed for 2018). 
  • Student's and parents' social security number
  • Your FSA ID and password 
    • If you are filing for the first time, you can register for an FSA ID here. This will be used to log in to your FAFSA form. 
    • If you are a returning student, make sure your FSA ID and password are still correct. Requesting log in assistance can take some time, so be sure to do this before your appointment! 


  • If you are under 24 years old, unmarried, non-military, have never been a ward of the state, and have no children, you must bring a parent/guardian and all documents noted above with you.
  • If you are a parent/guardian registering your child, you and your child must both be present at the appointment.
  • Appointments will be made available one month prior to second Friday date.

Can't make it on a Friday? There are College Goal Sunday events that occur two Sundays during the enrollment period. For more information, visit CollegeGoalSunday.org and find a location near you.

For more information about the FAFSA and other college resources, check out these websites: Federal Student Aid OfficeNational College Access Network and AffordableColleges.com.