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Workplace Campaigns

Represent the United Way of Porter County as an Employee Campaign Manager

Fundraising campaigns conducted within the workplace are the primary way which United Way of Porter County raises the resources to improve the quality of life in our community. By allowing employees to donate through payroll deduction through a workplace campaign, organizations enable their employees to contribute in a convenient way and make an even greater impact on our community.

Conducting a campaign is easy and fun! Workforce campaigns are planned with the help of a United Way staff member or a Loaned Executive from a sponsoring company.

1st Step in Holding a Workplace Campaign
Appoint an employee who will serve as an Employee Campaign Manager (ECM). The ECM will provide leadership within your organization and engage co-workers in creating a stronger, healthier community.

Steps to a Successful Campaign for ECM’s
1. Become an informed volunteer and get to know your United Way.
2.Get help – Don’t fly solo. CEO endorsements and participation from upper management is essential.
3.It’s all material.  Brochures, pledge forms, reporting envelopes, posters, etc are all provided.
4.Making the ask – Short face to face presentations with a personal touch is the most effective way.
5.Increase participation by implementing ‘best practices’.  “Fun-raisers” like chili cook-offs can increase your company contributions, and make it fun for your employees.
6.Set and achieve goals.
7.Appreciate, recognize, thank and reward your employees who donated.
8.Report results to United Way.
9.Celebrate for a job well done!

If you or your company would like information about how to get involved in our annual campaign, please contact Kasie Tenbarge, Director of Development at 219.464.3583 ext. 103 or

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