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Why Give

United Way of Porter County is at the forefront of making an impact in areas that need it the most.

Education: Helping children and youth achieve their potential

Health: Improving people’s physical and mental health

Financial Stability: Promoting economic independence for seniors, people with disabilities, and families facing crisis

United Way assures the availability of an entire network of human services.

For example: A homeless family needs a roof over their head, food and clothing. If you give directly to your favorite agency, you can make this happen. But what if this family also needs job training, skill development, day care, and counseling to leave the shelter? Unfortunately, sometimes, no one agency can be the sole provider of services. By giving to United Way, you can support many programs and help this family get back on their feet.

Through United Way, we have the power to make a real impact in our community. Our families, friends and neighbors need your help now, more than ever. By LIVING UNITED, we CAN and WILL improve the quality of life in Porter County. It just takes a little from ALL of us.

Every dollar donated has a powerful impact in Porter County:
$2/Week=provides 4 days of shelter for a homeless person
$5/Week=provides 1 month of utilities for a family in economic crisis
$10/Week=provides 2 daily meals for a homebound senior for 4 months
$20/Week=provides 6 months of quality child care for lower-income working parents


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