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UWPC Kinder Camp contributes to early learning success for future kindergarteners

Porter County, IN – This month, United Way of Porter County partnered with two school districts and dozens of donors to offer kindergarten readiness camps to future Portage and Valparaiso kindergarteners.

The goal of the camps is to provide academic and social development skills to children who have not had the opportunity to learn them in a pre-school type experience. The attendees learn basic skills such as reading, writing, listening and school routines, such as riding the school bus.

“The program is designed to provide students with the skills necessary to succeed in Kindergarten this fall,” said Jeff King, summer school principal at Portage Township Schools. “There is a great need in Porter County for this service and we’re glad United Way has stepped up to support us in this endeavor.”

The United Way of Porter County Kinder Camp is in its third year. Currently, the program is only meeting have the need it the current school districts with 94 students enrolled. Last year, program assessment tests showed an average increase of fifteen percent in pre-literacy skills.  

“Providing children a positive first school experience is imperative to a healthy learning experience,” Kim Olesker, president & CEO of United Way of Porter County. “In the coming years, we are looking to grow these efforts to meet the need across the county.”

This year’s program is made possible by our many community partners: Portage Township Schools, Valparaiso Community Schools, Kenneth Allen Law, Porter Community Foundation and Rotary of Valparaiso. For more information about this program and more, visit

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