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Leadership Giving - United Way Feather Society

Porter County’s quality of life lies with people who care and with those leaders with vision, tenacity and ability to help others in need. One testimonial of your leadership is becoming a member of United Way’s Feather Society.

In the 1930's, the Red Feather Society, was widely recognized as a symbol of the Community Chest, which was the forerunner of the United Way system.  This cherished symbol carries the same meaning today as it did then - it represents community involvement and generous contributions to uplift lives in our community.  This unique program is comprised of influential community representatives serving as a voice of human compassion.

Leadership giving is a program by which concerned citizens personally support, through major gifts, the ever-increasing need for health and human services funded by the United Way. Those who belong to the Feather Society serve as an example for all to recognize and emulate.

We invite you to join together with fellow leaders by becoming a member of United Way’s Feather Society with an annual gift of $500 to $9,999. Contributions of $10,000 and more entitle you to national recognition as an Alexis De Tocqueville member.

United Way’s Leadership Giving & Recognition Levels

$10,000 +             National Alexis De Tocqueville Society Member
$5,000-9,999        Gold Feather Member
$1,000-4,999        Silver Feather Member
$500-999              Red Feather Member



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