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Valerie's Story 

The Duneland YMCA Child Care Sponsorship we received is a blessing. We wouldn’t be able to send our children, Bianca and Leo, there without it.  My husband is a student, and we are both working.  If our kids didn’t have nurturing, comfortable child care, I don’t know how we would make it through this transition. 

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Jayson’s story

“I think of that old saying a lot: When you hit the bottom, at least the only way you can go is up. My life has been like that lately. I was in an automobile accident and couldn’t work due to a back injury. Then, I fell behind on rent and got an eviction notice. If it hadn’t been for Housing Opportunities, I don’t know where we would be. They found us an apartment and provided a lot of other services – food from the pantry there, clothes and toys for Isabella, and help with transportation.

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Health Success and Self-reliance

Oliver’s Story

“When I started my health journey over a year ago, I was obese with high blood pressure, high blood sugar and A1C. At age 40 years old, I was diagnosed with borderline diabetes. By age 50 I was full-fledged diabetic and was using a lot of medication to control my blood sugar. I determined my goal was to lose weight until I was 188 pounds, that would bring my BMI classification down from obese to overweight.

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